Pole Air Aviation



Code of Conduct


The mission of Pole Air Aviation Inc. is to exceed the expectations of our customers by offering world renowned technical services.


The vision of Pole Air Aviation Inc. is to be recognized worldwide as an expert in the equipment maintenance industry for the civil and military aviation markets with the following attributes:

  • Overhaul and repair of equipment
  • Logistical support
  • Efficient quality control and optimized processes
  • Constantly deliver high quality services on time and on budget.
  • Be an employer of choice in our industry.


  • Communication, collaboration and teamwork
  • The safety of our staff and our facilities
  • The quality of our products
  • Mutual respect with our employees, suppliers and partners
  • Passion for our work
  • The taste for taking on challenges.


Pole Air Aviation Inc. is committed to valuing diversity and providing all staff with employment, career and personal development opportunities based on their abilities, qualifications, and employability, as well as their development potential in the position.

We believe that people from different backgrounds can bring new ideas, reflections and approaches that make the way work is undertaken more effective and efficient.

Direct or indirect discrimination shall not be tolerated against any person on grounds of age, disability, gender, matrimonial property regime, maternity, ethnicity, political or religious beliefs or sexual orientation, whether in the field of recruitment, conditions of employment, career progression, training, transfer or dismissal.

It is also the responsibility of all staff, in their daily actions, decisions and behaviors, to strive to promote these values, to comply with all applicable legislation and to ensure that they do not discriminate against their colleagues, customers, suppliers or any other person associated with the company.


The management of Pole Air Aviation clearly states its desire to prevent psychological harassment at work and to put an end to it if it is present. This commitment is to provide an environment free from psychological harassment; to promote respect between individuals; to safeguard dignity; to protect the physical and psychological integrity of the staff and to promote a harmonious work environment.

To this end, the management has adopted a policy for the prevention of harassment and violence in the workplace. This policy includes verbal and electronic communications such as email and SMS internally and externally.


An attitude of listening and the “open door” management mode is required here at PAA. You are welcome to meet with your supervisor at the appropriate time. You can also refer to the human resources department for any administrative or conflicting matters.


Pole Air Aviation Inc. subscribes to the principle of pay equity and employment equity and encourages the hiring of women, members of visible minorities, ethnic minorities, first nations and people with disabilities.

Please be aware that no one can be denied a job opportunity or employment benefits for reasons other than ability. As a company, we are committed to taking reasonable accommodation measures to ensure the representation of members of the designated groups in each of the occupational groups that make up its workforce. We will apply the principles of employment and diversity in a unified and coordinated manner, in accordance with the approved employment equity plan.


It is the responsibility of all employees to protect the interests and privacy of our clients, partners and colleagues. Employees may not discuss, solicit, disclose, or inappropriately use for their personal benefit, information contained in company records, files, databases, employee/customer correspondence or personnel records.

All non-public information about Pole Air Aviation Inc. should be considered confidential information. Using non-public information of PAA or its partners for personal purposes or to “manipulate” others is unethical.


A conflict of interest arises when the personal interest of an employee, or that of a family member or friend, interferes in any way with what is in the best interest of the company. All staff are expected to conduct their activities – both personal and professional – in such a way that there is no conflict of interest with their duties.


PAA reminds their employees that their function can them in contact with external organizations where it is normal business practice or social convention to offer hospitality, and sometimes gifts. These gifts to you or a family member could put them in a difficult position. Therefore, no employee or immediate family member shall accept from any supplier, customer or other person doing business with Pole Air Aviation Inc., cash payments under any circumstances, or special considerations, such as discounts or gifts of materials, equipment, services, facilities, or anything else of value.


A corruption offence is defined as: giving a person a financial or other advantage to encourage him or her to carry out his or her duties or activities inappropriately or to reward that person for having already done so.

Any such act or attempt will be formally investigated as part of our disciplinary proceedings.